Rome & Italy

Rome & Italy


A pilgrimage to Vatican City in Rome, the Holy City, is a lifetime dream of most devout Catholics who wish to venerate at the Basilica of Saint Peter, stand at the world-famous plaza of St. Peter, catch a glimpse of the famous Swiss Guards in their Renaissance-era uniforms, and perhaps – just maybe, a glimpse of the His Holiness the Pope as well.  A near-endless supply of basilicas, churches and museums will keep any faithful Catholic and lover of history, art and architecture enraptured.   Other cities to visit on any pilgrimage to Rome include Assisi, birthplace of Saint Francis, the Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino, Florence, and Venice.

Good Shepherd Tours

Good Shepherd Tours is a relationship-based tour company that specializes in pilgrimages and faith-based tours for Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, parishes, choirs and small groups.  We take our name from the parable of the Good Shepherd as found in the Gospel of John (10:1-21),

Good Shepherd Tours are custom-made for each pilgrimage tour organizer to ensure that every program meets their needs and interest.  We are capable of designing programs that combine our many locations across Europe, Ireland & Scotland, the Mediterranean and the Middle East to fit interests, themes and budgets.

All good Shepherd Tours are all-inclusive programs that include airfare, accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and meals (with occasional lunches and dinners taken individually during periods of free time).  

Other tours in Europe, the UK, Europe and the Mediterranean region are possible.  Contact us with your inquiry. 

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