Ein Karem

“What is Ein Karem?” and 5 Other Questions about Ein Karem

Are you visiting Ein Karem? know the answers to these questions before you go.


1. What is Ein Karem?

Ein Karem is an ancient village (now a neighborhood) located in the hill county, south west of Jerusalem.

2. What does Ein Karem mean?

The English translation of Ein Karem is “the spring of the vineyard.”

3. What sorts of agriculture are found at Ein Karem?

Almond trees and grapevines can be enjoyed there.

4. Where is Ein Karem mentioned in the Bible?

Ein Karem specifically is not named in the Bible. However, the district of Beth-haccherem is mentioned in Nehemiah 3:14. The official of Beth-haccherem is listed as the one who repaired the Refuse Gate during the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem following the Exile.

5. Of what is Ein Karem the traditional site?

Christian tradition is that John the Baptist was born at Ein Karem. Luke 1:39 tells us that Mary went to the hill country of Judah to visit Elizabeth (John’s mother) during her pregnancy. It is believed that Ein Karem is the place where Elizabeth lived.

6. What landmarks may be seen at Ein Karem?

As the traditional site of John the Baptist’s birth, Ein Karem is home to two churches called the Church of St. John the Baptist. One is a Catholic church and the other is Eastern Orthodox.

In addition, the Church of the Visitation stands at the traditional site of Elizabeth and Zechariah’s summer home where Mary visited Elizabeth.

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