Lebanon & Jordan

Lebanon & Jordan


A pilgrimage tour to Lebanon and Jordan is a step into the crossroads of cultures, peoples, faiths, climates and history.   From the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea to the expanses of the Jordanian Desert, Lebanon and Jordan offer something for every pilgrim and traveler to experience and ponder.

In Lebanon, an exploration of the veritable tapestry of Lebanese history will include visits to the ancient cities and archaeological sites of Byblos, Sidon, Magdouche’, Tyr, Anjar and Baalbeck.   Visits to important cultural and religious sites will include Deir El Kamar and Mousa Castle in the Chouf Mountains, the winery of Ksara, the basilica of Harissa overlooking the Bay of Jouneih, and the adjacent geological wonder of Jeitta Grotto. Of course, no visit to Lebanon is complete with a visit to its lively, cosmopolitan capital city, Beirut.

In Jordan, program participants will experience the wonder of the Kingdom of Jordan, visiting Biblical and Christian heritage sites such as Mount Nebo, the Jordan River, the Church of St. George in Madaba, site of the famed Madaba Map, as well as historical and archaeological sites such as Jerash, Kerak, and Amman, also known by its ancient name, Philadelphia.

A visit to Wadi Rum, the expansive, otherworldly desert ecological park that was the filming location for films such as Lawrence of Arabic and The Martian, as well as Petra, the famed Rose-Red City carved out of the rocky cliffs by the ancient Nabatean peoples then mysteriously abandoned for centuries, is one of the world’s foremost tourist attractions.  

Interested in a Maronite pilgrimage program in Lebanon, or visiting Jordan as part of a Holy Land tour?  Contact us for more information, and visit our Holy Land tours website for more information.

Good Shepherd Tours

Good Shepherd Tours is a relationship-based tour company that specializes in pilgrimages and faith-based tours for Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, parishes, choirs and small groups.  We take our name from the parable of the Good Shepherd as found in the Gospel of John (10:1-21),

Good Shepherd Tours are custom-made for each pilgrimage tour organizer to ensure that every program meets their needs and interest.  We are capable of designing programs that combine our many locations across Europe, Ireland & Scotland, the Mediterranean and the Middle East to fit interests, themes and budgets.

All good Shepherd Tours are all-inclusive programs that include airfare, accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and meals (with occasional lunches and dinners taken individually during periods of free time). 

Other tours in Europe, the UK, Europe and the Mediterranean region are possible.  Contact us with your inquiry. 

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