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assembly of god tours

Reignite your faith with the trip of a lifetime


Explore the Holy Land with one of our tours designed for your Assembly of God tour group.  Our Holy Land tours will lead your group a path of discovering the places where the stories of the Bible took place. Our local guides will help your group grow in faith and learn about the rich history of Israel.  Here at Good Shepherd travel, we work with you to create a unique tour design to help your group see their faith in a whole new way. 

Assembly of God Tour Itineraries

Explore the wonders of the Holy Land with your Assembly of God tour group. Led by our local guides, your group will reignite your faith as you walk where Jesus walked and discover the places where the early church was birthed.  Here at Good Shepherd Travel, we take great joy in helping you plan a unique Holy Land tour that will help your group watch the Bible come to life.  


assembly of god tours

Unearth the wonder of the Holy Land

Uncover the mysteries of our faith with one of our Assembly of God Holy Land Tours. Each of our tours is guided by local Christians so that your group will experience the best that Israel has to offer. Each of our tours will bring the Bible to life as we navigate the places where Jesus and the disciples lived and walked. Join one of our currently booked Assembly of God tours or get started with planning a unique group tour of your own. 

We specialize in custom church tours and catholic pilgrimage groups to rome

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