A big thank you, from the bottom of my heart ♥️, the trip was much more of what I was expecting

Dear Tony,

We are in the plane. Everything went very smoothly your guy in the airport is very helpful, we really liked him since we arrived at the beginning of the trip he helped us a lot and the same today.

I am trying  to put in order my thoughts to give you a better report of our trip.

I want to start with a big thank you, from the bottom of my heart ♥️, the trip was much more of what I was expecting, you kept in touch with us the entire time, it is amazing and so much work for you, it really made us felling special and all along well taken care.

All the group are so thankful for the places you were able to arrange to have mass, really special and moving.  We learned so much about the people and the difficult times the Cristians are suffering in this land and we are committed to being ambassadors of faith.

The intensity and knowledge of Ramzi made a big difference, at the beginning we did not fully understand him, his passion for catholisism seemed a bit much but with the passing of the days, we were able to integrate as a group and see his point of view. Our trip changed from just a pilgrimage that finished upon returning to our country to a mission to let the people around us know what are the conditions of the Christians in this land, the Jesus Land. To work for the next trips, to advice the people, please work with a catholic agency, do business with them, allow them to survive.

I can not thank you enough, for all the help, with the loss of Fray Tobias’s wallet. I really believe he lost it in the street, not in the hotel, and Ramzi was so concerned and helped so much that I am without words to say thanks. Please do not think more of that, we already forgot it.

The drivers in both places were good, only the Bus in Jordan to old, but  had good air.

The group complained about the efficiency of the guide in Jordan, his Spanish was not clear, but also we understand that after having Ramzi, it is very difficult to find the next one at the same level. To me he was very attentive and try really hard to do his work as best as possible. The last day he performed better, than the previous one, probably he was a little out of practice.

I hope, our two younger priests arrange to put a trip together next year and I am ready to help them in any possible way, and you please do not hesitate to ask me for anything were I can be helpful to you. I can visit whit the churches, show them our pictures, explain them how was out trip, etc. I will do it very happy for you, then if someone from this part contact you, just let me know.

We enjoyed so much the farewell dinner, Issa was very attentive since we arrived, we feel that we put him to over work, he was running all around. The priest are very happy with their presents, something really unexpected I also appreciate very much that you were thinking in me. So sorry that I lost my present, but I will never forget the gesture.

Like I said before, you exceed all our expectations, thank you very much.

Please let to know to all your people, our more sincere thanks 🙏   You will be forever in Our hearts.

God bless all of you,