This is a once in a lifetime life-changing trip!

When it comes to taking the trip of a lifetime, there's no better place to go than the Holy Land.  With years of experience, we help group leaders customize a trip their group is sure to love. For this group in particular, we partnered with Father Gus to create a life-changing experience of making the Scriptures come to life with each stop on the tour. 

An Unforgettable Tour

As you can see from Father Gus' testimony, their group experienced a once in a lifetime trip. Each of our Good Shepherd Travel Tours includes friendly and knowledgeable guides to educate and inspire your group along the way. Our partners in the Holy Land love what they do and it shows with the quality service they provide. 

Each tour stop will allow your group to experience the Scriptures in a new way as you learn about the places you've read about in the Bible.  From baptisms to churches to visiting the sites where Jesus actually walked, your group will grow in their faith and knowledge of the Scriptures. 

Are you ready to experience the power of visiting the Holy Land?  Good Shepherd is here to help you design a the trip of a lifetime - just like Father Gus.