Our trip was absolutely delightful and so well done

Sandy & James Deike
March 14, 2017


I wanted to get this to you as soon as I could to let you know that our trip was absolutely delightful and so well done.

We would use your again and ask for Rami Yatim again if every going over on a tour.  I had seen all the places where we went as I have been to the Holy Land many times and a friend and I have driven, she lives in the land of Israel and works in Jordan.  But what I wanted you to know is that these people on the tour saw places that most tours never even suggest to go to and the places that we were taken to,  not only were seen by them,  but Biblical knowledge explained in such a way that the expressions on the faces of the people let you know that they had never heard the Bible come to life as it did on this trip.

I have been a student of the WORD for over 70 years starting at my grandmother's feet, a believer in the WORD.  So, when Rami told of the 153 fish caught I was elated to hear him speak the way my grandma taught me about the number of the fish.  There was not one other person on the trip that had every heard of why 153, many later said that they just thought it was a made up number.  Then to be taken to probably the real burial cave of Jesus.  I had been there and had told others about it and they were surprise to even think there might be another site other than the one that so many are taken to.

All of this to let you know that I experienced a trip of sitting back and enjoying the truth spoken and not just a site seeing trip, and the fine food and places to stay and rooms with views.  Both James and I want to let you know that we are so grateful for all you did to make this happen and for the great tour guide Rami Yatim and his kindness and Biblical knowledge that he was so gracious in sharing with us.  If we can afford to gather enough money for our children and grandchildren to take a tour over the to land, for sure you will be contacted and hope Rami is available to be the tour guide.  It is with greatness of heart and thanksgiving that I send this to you letting you know that we are more than pleased that we got to know you and your people. 

Thank you so much,