Carole Halicki
Burlington, Iowa
March 22, 2017

Dear Tony:

OH WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY!! Thank you, Tony for all the special things you did to make our journey to the HOLY LAND such a wonderful adventure. I will write you a formal letter as soon as I can catch up but wanted to let you know as soon as possible how blessed I am to have traveled with Good Shepard. 
I will also be sending you some items for Father, including a donation for the school and some decals for his little chair that he used throughout the trip. 
It was wonderful to have Romney as a guide, he is so talented and so knowledgeable and was so kind and helpful. And Shirez was a delight, and I am so looking forward to the video. Every day was better than the day before and all the days were totally beyond words!!! 
We are all arrived safely home and I am back at work again, but will never ever be the same again.... and that is a good thing.
God bless you and all you do.