It was such a blessing to travel with such a small group

Natalie Hansen
April 17, 2017

Tony!  Hi, and Happy Easter!

I have been thinking of you this past Holy Week, and wanting to send an e-mail your way, so needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise hearing from you!  Thank you SO much for that, but moreover, the planning of our trip to the Holy Land in January/February 2017!  It was such a blessing to travel with such a small group, and be able to see all that we did!  Do you have another itinerary that visits other areas in Israel???  I would love to go back (just said it again tonight to my family), but would like to further the experience to other, new places...  Do you have any trips going into Egypt or Jordon as well?  There is SO much to take in, and while I wouldn't mind a repeat, a traveler requires new spots too!

Since March, I have been sharing monthly articles of various locations visited in Israel with my church family through publication.  The feedback has been positive, and one person even said he'd like to go someday, though his wife is not a traveler...  

Hope you had a joyous Easter, and that some further adventures await in Israel and beyond!  

Let me know what else you can offer to continue the experience.