I just want to say thank you again, the pilgrimage was outstanding

Joan Menicucci
Parish Administrative Assistant
Ave Maria Catholic Parish

May 5, 2017

Hi Tony,

I just want to say thank you again, the pilgrimage was outstanding. Being able to stay at the St. Gabriel Hotel in Bethlehem and at the Pilgerhaus at the Sea of Galilee really made our time there special. The dinner at the Grotto was so much fun, we all enjoyed being there and laughing and just having a really good time.

I especially want to tell you how much we appreciated all that Rami, John and Shiraz did for us. Rami certainly has the full knowledge of the history of the Holy Land and gave us so much information, always there with an answer for any question asked. John is the best bus driver, he got us in and out of places that were unbelieveable. Shiraz was a joy, he was always with us taking pictures and he made sure to always watch over us so that we didn't let lost when were walking around in crowds he made all of us very comfortable because Rami had to be in the lead and he kept up the tail end. I can't remember the name of the man in Bethlehem he was around every night to make sure we were all happy.

Please give me regards to all, again thank you.