"I had the most humbling experience in my lord's most Holy Land"

April 27
This is an enquiry email via http://tourtheholylands.com from: Laura:


Hope this email finds you and your beautiful family in the best of health! I've been so busy here at work catching up with all my work that piled up in 2 weeks!! The traveling I have to do doesn't help!:) 

THANK YOU SO MUCH TONY (and staff, Rami, Shiraz, and John) for all you did!!!

I had the most humbling experience in my Lord's most Holy Land!! I've started typing my 2nd Bible (my journal) into my computer and have had to edit so much!!! First of all going through the notes and pictures I took, and then once I got into your web page I was able to add some more detail. Now I see the video yesterday, and now can go back and edit (add) more!!! I'm going to have the most beautiful story (2nd Bible) that one can have!!! And all THANKS to some wonderful people like you!!! 

As I continue to carry my Cross (that you gave us) I pray for Rami to get his Visa!!, for Shiraz to remain in remission, for John that God continue to "take the wheel", and for you my dear friend to continue to spread God's message through your tour "Goodshepherd Travel".

Tony, please keep me informed on any plans on the trip to Rome!!! Once again I offer any assistance that I may be. Also, if you need a witness to speak in behalf of your service "Goodshepherd Travel" I will do so for you!! May you and your tour family continue to spread God's word with your good hospitality and service to all!!!

My Sincere thanks again!!
In my Lord's Holy Name!!