"We will always and forever share our beautiful experiences"

Ms. Alma Odessa, Texas April 2014

Ms. Alma Odessa, Texas April 2014

It was an unforgettable experience, once in a lifetime journey ;) I want to thank Tony's wonderful team that made this possible for all of us!

We were treated like royalty by everyone there. All the places we visited were breath taking, specially the churches!

We met people on our trip that will forever be our friends and will remain in our thoughts and heart!! Our group in this trip will forever shared those very special moments and remember in a special way the journey and exciting moments we all encounter!!

We will always and for ever share our beautiful experiences, testimonies and emotional roller-coaster we went thru in the Holy Land and nothing and nobody can take that away from us!! thank you again Tony, John, Rami, Issa and Shiraz!! For those of you thinking about going to the HOLY LAND theres no other travel agent that will treat you like family like Goodshepherd Travel!!! I recommend it 100%. A special thankz to Issa for all his hard work, for getting us the best hotels, restaurants, guides and everything else....we love yall;)

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