A big thank you, from the bottom of my heart ♥️, the trip was much more of what I was expecting

Dear Tony,

We are in the plane. Everything went very smoothly your guy in the airport is very helpful, we really liked him since we arrived at the beginning of the trip he helped us a lot and the same today.

I am trying  to put in order my thoughts to give you a better report of our trip.

I want to start with a big thank you, from the bottom of my heart ♥️, the trip was much more of what I was expecting, you kept in touch with us the entire time, it is amazing and so much work for you, it really made us felling special and all along well taken care.

All the group are so thankful for the places you were able to arrange to have mass, really special and moving.  We learned so much about the people and the difficult times the Cristians are suffering in this land and we are committed to being ambassadors of faith.

The intensity and knowledge of Ramzi made a big difference, at the beginning we did not fully understand him, his passion for catholisism seemed a bit much but with the passing of the days, we were able to integrate as a group and see his point of view. Our trip changed from just a pilgrimage that finished upon returning to our country to a mission to let the people around us know what are the conditions of the Christians in this land, the Jesus Land. To work for the next trips, to advice the people, please work with a catholic agency, do business with them, allow them to survive.

I can not thank you enough, for all the help, with the loss of Fray Tobias’s wallet. I really believe he lost it in the street, not in the hotel, and Ramzi was so concerned and helped so much that I am without words to say thanks. Please do not think more of that, we already forgot it.

The drivers in both places were good, only the Bus in Jordan to old, but  had good air.

The group complained about the efficiency of the guide in Jordan, his Spanish was not clear, but also we understand that after having Ramzi, it is very difficult to find the next one at the same level. To me he was very attentive and try really hard to do his work as best as possible. The last day he performed better, than the previous one, probably he was a little out of practice.

I hope, our two younger priests arrange to put a trip together next year and I am ready to help them in any possible way, and you please do not hesitate to ask me for anything were I can be helpful to you. I can visit whit the churches, show them our pictures, explain them how was out trip, etc. I will do it very happy for you, then if someone from this part contact you, just let me know.

We enjoyed so much the farewell dinner, Issa was very attentive since we arrived, we feel that we put him to over work, he was running all around. The priest are very happy with their presents, something really unexpected I also appreciate very much that you were thinking in me. So sorry that I lost my present, but I will never forget the gesture.

Like I said before, you exceed all our expectations, thank you very much.

Please let to know to all your people, our more sincere thanks 🙏   You will be forever in Our hearts.

God bless all of you,


Your staff met our needs with kindness

Hi Tony!

Just a note to thank your for a wonderful trip, your staff met our needs with kindness, educational information and life sharing experiences that I never could have expected. 

Rami was a fantastic guide with an incredible knowledge of the Bible and the history of the Holy Land not to mention a fun personality to share ten days with.  John was a Houdini driver of which we all enjoyed (especially his ginger candy), he kept us going with his amazing driving skills :)  Shiraz was a kind and great person to have with us to catch all possible views and opportunities to give us a picture history of a wonderful trip.  I am looking forward to receiving the pictures he captured and I will miss him popping up everywhere taking fun picks!

I saw and learned so much it will take time to fully absorb.  I will keep the people in Israel, Palestine  and the Holy Land in my prayers for peace.


Sheila Mack
Lutheran Church of the Master
Troy, Michigan

Your team really impressed me

Thank you Tony and all those associated with our trip to Israel.  It was FABULOUS! From the time we left Detroit to the time we returned, everything went so well.

In Israel, it was especially well coordinated and our driver John and our tour guide, Rami were OUTSTANDING!   They got us everywhere we hoped to see.  And I was so impressed with Rami.

His ability to explain not only what we were seeing, but also the historic importance and the religious importance.  He also talked about every day life there and the political aspects of many places we visited.   Your team really impressed me.

It also helped that our group was very thoughtful, caring and sensitive to other peoples needs. I was a stranger to the group, but felt very comfortable

I have already recommended your travel agency to people I know.  I'm sure they will have the same wonderful experience that I did.

Thank you and God Bless,

Pat Fallis

 I enjoyed every site we visited

Hi Tony,

I think I messed up on the review and not sure it even sent so wanted to make sure you know I thought the trip was great!  I never imagined getting the opportunity to go to the Holy Land.  I enjoyed every site we visited as well as just seeing the culture and people going about in their lives.

Thank you for the providing the evening at the restaurant where we had such good food and entertainment.

Thanks for all and God bless!

Ruth Albright

It was truly the trip of a lifetime and an experience I shall forever cherish

Dear Tony,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent tour with Fr Nasr. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and an experience I shall forever cherish.  It was great to meet Shiraz, Ramzi, and Iyad and they all worked very hard to make us feel secure and comfortable.

Best wishes and many thanks for everything,

Tyler Jo Smith, D.Phil., FSA

Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology McIntire Department of Art Fayerweather Hall 311 University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 22903

My life in Christ is evermore meaningful and deeply felt

Merry Christmas to All the Good Shepard Family. I am forever grateful to you all for the life expanding experience of my trip to Israel and Jordan last Feb/March.  My life in Christ is evermore meaningful and deeply felt.  I envision all the marvelous sites we visited and contemplate  stories and information from our incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining guide who kept us all fascinated. We were so well taken care of in every way and had so much fun. It was a great blessing to share the time together with such a devout group of Christians who became very close.  I would very much like to do the trip again as it was quite overwhelming and I feel I could relax and enjoy it even more the second time around! Bless you All for the important good work that you do in spreading the Word. 

Many thanks to you All and All God's Blessings,

Kay Rutherford

Thank you for making our tour so special

Hi Tony -

It's been a week of reminiscing over last years wonderful travels throughout the Holy Land!  Our group left on 1/30/2017, and returned to the States on 2/8/2017...  Thank you for making our tour so special, and sending us even though we were a small group!  It made it easier to see and do more, and was awesome in so many ways!  I was further blessed to share the experience with my church through 7 monthly write ups.  Hopefully, someday I will be able to bring a group to you to go as well!

On another note, I think of those in Bethlehem often, and was saddened by the effects the changes would have caused taking place at the end of last year.  Are things there improving, or settling?  Please tell our tour guide/bus driver 'Issa' hello from me!

~ Natalie Hansen

Many thanks to Fr. Constantine and Tony of the Good shepherd Travel

Dear Fathers and Brothers in Christ,

Just a word of appreciation for the opportunity of sharing the pilgrimage to the Holy Land with you, your family, and your parishioners. Now it has almost been a week since our return home. We all left the Holy Land but the Holy Land will remain in our hearts forever! Many thanks to Fr. Constantine and Tony of the Good shepherd Travel who made the entire event so personal and special. 

For me, all of you brothers and your participation in the prayers, the Gospel readings, and chanting the hymns made the entire pilgrimage so meaningful and precious.

May it ever be memorable!

In the risen Lord, 

Fr. Elias

St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church


A pilgrimage that continues to live in my heart and mind!

A pilgrimage that continues to live in my heart and mind! Of several past pilgrimages to the Holy Land, none have integrated historical socio-political history that so enriched the life death and resurrection of our living Risen Lord. The care, guidance, education of the guides create an environment of peace and security, inviting new personal relationships with many family members living and working in this troubled Holy Land. Watching their artful carving of olive wood into sacred memories reminds me today of our call: to allow the Holy Spirit to shape us into living images of Christ bringing beauty and peace into our lands.

Fr. Paul Wicker

Denver, CO

I would love to return to the Holy Land someday

Bill Oliver
Nov 12, 2015

Hi Tony (and also George and his family),

Sorry, as I meant to send this sooner. I'm still in catch-up mode following our wonderful journey with Fr. Paul Wicker.

I just wanted to extend a quick thank you for the terrific Holy Land Pilgrimage you put together for us. Issa was such an amazing resource - so knowledgeable in so many ways. We also had great support from Elijah our driver and Shiraz the photographer. I always felt very safe wherever we went, and I was quite comfortable walking the neighborhood of our Bethlehem hotel. A special treat was spending time with the physician in the Golan Heights (can you give me his name?), who offered a different view of the occupation.

I would love to return to the Holy Land someday, hopefully on one of your tours.

Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings and love, 

Our trip was absolutely delightful and so well done

Sandy & James Deike
March 14, 2017


I wanted to get this to you as soon as I could to let you know that our trip was absolutely delightful and so well done.

We would use your again and ask for Rami Yatim again if every going over on a tour.  I had seen all the places where we went as I have been to the Holy Land many times and a friend and I have driven, she lives in the land of Israel and works in Jordan.  But what I wanted you to know is that these people on the tour saw places that most tours never even suggest to go to and the places that we were taken to,  not only were seen by them,  but Biblical knowledge explained in such a way that the expressions on the faces of the people let you know that they had never heard the Bible come to life as it did on this trip.

I have been a student of the WORD for over 70 years starting at my grandmother's feet, a believer in the WORD.  So, when Rami told of the 153 fish caught I was elated to hear him speak the way my grandma taught me about the number of the fish.  There was not one other person on the trip that had every heard of why 153, many later said that they just thought it was a made up number.  Then to be taken to probably the real burial cave of Jesus.  I had been there and had told others about it and they were surprise to even think there might be another site other than the one that so many are taken to.

All of this to let you know that I experienced a trip of sitting back and enjoying the truth spoken and not just a site seeing trip, and the fine food and places to stay and rooms with views.  Both James and I want to let you know that we are so grateful for all you did to make this happen and for the great tour guide Rami Yatim and his kindness and Biblical knowledge that he was so gracious in sharing with us.  If we can afford to gather enough money for our children and grandchildren to take a tour over the to land, for sure you will be contacted and hope Rami is available to be the tour guide.  It is with greatness of heart and thanksgiving that I send this to you letting you know that we are more than pleased that we got to know you and your people. 

Thank you so much, 

I have to thank you for the most wonderful trip I've ever taken!

Andrea Bassett
March 17, 2017

Dear Tony,

I've have been home for about two weeks and I should have written sooner, but I have to thank you for the most wonderful trip I've ever taken!

Everyone on the team was great. John our guide knew everything about the area, and everybody in the area. He was a kind, intelligent man, The man is A SAINT!!

Our driver Dari was also kind, and a very skilled driver.  The photographer Shraz was always with us taking pictures. Issa was there whenever we had a question or problem, and he could always come up with a solution. The hotels were nice, the food was good, and the staff was very helpful and accommodated our needs. The fact that you changed our hotel after some people requested a change was just another example of how you did all you could to please the travelers.

Again thank you so much for and excellent tour. I tell everyone who is interested in a Holy land tour to contact Good Shepherd Travel.  Thanks again for this life changing trip!

Love and Peace,


Carole Halicki
Burlington, Iowa
March 22, 2017

Dear Tony:

OH WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY!! Thank you, Tony for all the special things you did to make our journey to the HOLY LAND such a wonderful adventure. I will write you a formal letter as soon as I can catch up but wanted to let you know as soon as possible how blessed I am to have traveled with Good Shepard. 
I will also be sending you some items for Father, including a donation for the school and some decals for his little chair that he used throughout the trip. 
It was wonderful to have Romney as a guide, he is so talented and so knowledgeable and was so kind and helpful. And Shirez was a delight, and I am so looking forward to the video. Every day was better than the day before and all the days were totally beyond words!!! 
We are all arrived safely home and I am back at work again, but will never ever be the same again.... and that is a good thing.
God bless you and all you do.

Glowing regards for you and your company!

Fran Smith
April 17, 2017

Hi Tony, Glowing regards for you and your company! I had a scheduled minor surgery after return, then those unavoidable taxes. I want to give you my favorable review on the trip. Even would like to do on Trip advisor if you have no objection. Just in overload and digging out further slowed by this Sr's tech fumbling. Must mention two things now. Can't imagine a better tour guide than Romi! A true gem! Second, those whisperers were priceless! More later. 

It was such a blessing to travel with such a small group

Natalie Hansen
April 17, 2017

Tony!  Hi, and Happy Easter!

I have been thinking of you this past Holy Week, and wanting to send an e-mail your way, so needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise hearing from you!  Thank you SO much for that, but moreover, the planning of our trip to the Holy Land in January/February 2017!  It was such a blessing to travel with such a small group, and be able to see all that we did!  Do you have another itinerary that visits other areas in Israel???  I would love to go back (just said it again tonight to my family), but would like to further the experience to other, new places...  Do you have any trips going into Egypt or Jordon as well?  There is SO much to take in, and while I wouldn't mind a repeat, a traveler requires new spots too!

Since March, I have been sharing monthly articles of various locations visited in Israel with my church family through publication.  The feedback has been positive, and one person even said he'd like to go someday, though his wife is not a traveler...  

Hope you had a joyous Easter, and that some further adventures await in Israel and beyond!  

Let me know what else you can offer to continue the experience.  


The trip was a life-changing experience!

April 17, 2017


Thank you so much for the email card. Christ Has Risen! 

Tony, I would like to thank you for all the "special" ways you made the trip to Israel a life-changing experience. It was fabulous! Everyone from OKC had a marvelous time. I hope to return again and experience the spiritual beauty of the Holy Land. God bless.

I had a blessed Eater because of my trip to the Holy Land

Patsy Shields
May 2, 2017


I'm a little late getting back to you. I had a blessed Eater because of my trip to the Holy Land. I want to thank you for such a wonderful trip. You and your family, friends and co-workers did such a marvelous job of putting the trip together. I was amazed with the historical background knowledge of Romy and the other guide gave us. It was so marvelous to hear from two sides, Jewish and Christian history as well as the Muslim. When you said you were putting your beast guide with Rom, you really delivered. Also thank you for opening our eyes to the Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian and Muslim plights. It has given me a much better understanding of the world situation. I will be praying for your people and others that are caught in this cultural situation.

I asked him to make a tape of tours, he was very shy and humble. Hopefully this is something you can supply with future tours to purchase, so that we can help remember the places and history we visited. Taking notes and short clips I recorded were not enough, my memory is too short lived to be able to record the story of my pictures.

Your bus drivers were very courteous and cooperative in attending to requests and needs of all on the bus riders; also very safe and good drivers. The guard was very courteous and made the majority of us feel very comfortable with his presence. 

I want to give you an five star rating. I am telling people I know about your trip and giving them information to book with you if they are considering taking an overseas trip.

I also want to thank you and Romy for including your family at the Family restaurant what a marvelous show. But most of all I want to thank you for sharing your family, your mother-in law, we made a wonderful connection and will forever be soul mates as well as your father-in-law.

With God's Continued Blessings